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Our specific areas of interest are: automotive, engineering, manufacturing, hospitality, construction and logistics.

At Mandela, we're more than just a global energy provider; we're your everyday companion, committed to powering progress and enriching lives.From our cutting-edge petrol stations to our inviting cafes and fast-food outlets, we're more than just an energy company—we're your daily life partner. Committed to sustainability and innovation, we aim to enrich your journeys and experiences. Wherever you go, Mandela is there, making each moment more meaningful and convenient. Let's shape the future together.

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Cranes Africa Trucking Ltd (CATU) is an established road freight, transport, and courier company based in Uganda. Whether you’re selling to businesses, department stores, big-box retailers, merchandisers, or straight-to-end-consumers, CATU is well-equipped to serve you anywhere across East Africa like Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, DRC, and Southern Sudan. Our growing fleet currently comprises long-haul trucks that enables transporting a variety of cargo and goods across the region.

We provide a range of value-added services that help our clients save time and money. These include:

  • Customs Clearance
  • Real-time GPS Tracking (Information on Delivery (IODs))
  • Barcode Traceability
  • Centralised Facility
  • New Partnerships

At CATU, our constant quest for innovation has helped strengthen our position as an integrated logistics provider. We provide highly optimised logistics services tailored to meet individual needs of clients. We also provide urgent direct courier services directly and promptly to a number of clients in the region.

Among other services, we also offer:

  • Logistics
  • Warehousing solutions
  • Clearing and forwarding solutions, and
  • Dedicated services for commodities
Our Benefits
  1. Centralised Facility
  2. Barcode Traceability
  3. Real-time GPS Tracking
  4. Tailored Logistics Services
How safe are CAT services?
CAT services come with a Real Time GPS tracker that allows you to constantly monitor the movement of our transporters. The additional barcode tracker we have leaves no room for doubt.
What regions do CAT services cover?
Does CAT offer any additional services?
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CityOil is a pioneer of the ‘One Stop Shop’ concept in Uganda for all fuel and auto-related services under one roof.

We started operations in 2003. We have since grown to become a brand synonymous with quality and customer service. We very well understand the importance of quality, hence we maintain a ‘zero compromise’ policy in our service levels.

Our chain of spacious, ultra-modern, fully automated fuel stations are well equipped to handle any volume of traffic, making us the most preferred fuel and service station chain in Uganda.

Our state-of-the-art, fully automated fuel stations are well-equipped with facilities such as mechanised oil service bays, full-fledged tyre centres, repair workshops, supermarkets, and restaurants, all conveniently located in the same premises.

Our outlets are fully automated, insured, and under continuous CCTV surveillance, providing the utmost safety and security for our patrons.

We are also fully compliant with all fire safety regulations and fitted with adequate fire safety measures to ensure your safety and well-being.

CityOil has a reputation for reliability, even in the most challenging times. We’ve ensured the availability of fuel even during times of crisis. Thanks to our vast storage across a network of facilities, we’re equipped to maintain sufficient stocks to ensure uninterrupted supply at all times.

Our Benefits
  1. Fully automated fuel stations
  2. Open 24/7
  3. Free 20 point check
  4. Expert Advice and Support
How does city oil ensure the quality of its services?
City oil ensures a zero compromise policy when it comes to service and its quality. We maintain a spacious and ultra modern layout that can accommodate any volume of traffic to ensure top quality.
Are CityOil outlets safe for customers?
Can I count on CityOil for fuel availability?
Does CityOil offer any innovative services?
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City Retread

The cost of tyres is the second largest overhead in vehicle maintenance. This can have a cascading effect on transportation and the overall economy itself. Retreading not only extends the tyre’s lifespan, but it also saves the planet and saves costs as well. Depending on the condition and age of the casing, commercial vehicle tyres can be retreaded twice or sometimes even thrice.

City Retread is Uganda’s leading tyre retreading company. We specialise in retreading truck tyres, a boon to transporters and fleet owners. We retread all varieties of truck tyres, be it nylon or steel radials. We also repair and retread tyres of saloon cars, 4WDs, OTR vehicles, earthmovers, industrial machinery, and agricultural equipment.

Our ultra-modern plant is located on 6th Street, Industrial Area, where we’re equipped with sophisticated, state-of-the-art truck tyre retread equipment from Italy. This ensures that the quality we deliver meets European and American standards.

Our retreads are constructed using heat and abrasion-resistant, pre-cured rubber made from specifically formulated, high-quality rubber compounds. The retreads are available in a variety of patterns. They offer exceptional road grip and stability and are built to withstand even the harshest driving conditions.

Why City Retread?

  • High mileage (High-quality compounds)
  • Better fuel efficiency
  • Low rolling resistance
  • Lower operating temperature

Our retreads are extremely affordable and competitive. They can last up to 80% longer than a new tyre while costing only one-third as much. We also offer doorstep pickup and drop services at no additional charge, so our services are closer to you than you’d imagine!

Our Benefits
  1. Cost-Effective and Eco-Friendly
  2. High-quality retread compounds
  3. 80% longer life than new tyres
  4. 1/3rd the price of new tyres
How do retreaded tires compare to new tires in terms of performance?
CityOil ensures its tyres are constructed using heat and abrasion-resistant pre-cured rubber made from specifically formulated high quality rubber compounds. Performance wise, it is just the same if not better than regular tyres and have more than 8 times the life span of normal tyres.
Are retreaded tyres cost effective?
Do you provide any additional services to enhance customer experience?
What guarantees the longevity and durability of your retreaded tyres?
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City Tyres

City Tyres specialises in the sales and replacement of tyres, wheels, and batteries for all varieties of automobiles ranging from saloon cars to commercial trucks, agriculture & farm machinery, and construction equipment. We partner with leading global brands like Pirelli, Kumho, Cooper, Bridgestone, MRF, BKT, Lingling, Ilink, and Enercell.

We’re headquartered, in Uganda, the Pearl of Africa, with robust distribution networks across East and Central Africa. Within Uganda we have outlets in 9 strategic locations, with state-of-the-art equipment and a refreshing ambiance.

You will appreciate our exceptional customer service as we go above and beyond to ensure you enjoy the best of our products and technical expertise.

Over the years, we’ve evolved from being a tyre retailer to becoming a preferred one-stop shop for drivers and fleet owners alike. From shock absorbers, and     suspension bushes, to brakes, Z-links, ball-joints, and tie-rods, we’re well-equipped to inspect, repair and replace parts in the under-carriage assembly to the utmost perfection.

Thanks to our well-trained, experienced, multi-cultural team, we’ve been able to foster a culture of genuine customer service. We take pride in having built a team that’s up-to-date with the technology and trends and thus enabling us to serve you better.

At City Tyres, we understand that tyre and consumables constitute the second largest cost component in vehicle maintenance, which is why we have a robust technical service department that offers a host of value-added services to a league of reputed clients across the country. The technical department is on a mission to offer competent, dedicated, and reliable service so transporters can focus on their core business atease.

Our Benefits
  1. Cost Efficiency
  2. Environmental Sustainability
  3. Quality Assurance
  4. Performance Enhancement
What sets City Tyres apart from other tire replacement services?
At City Tyres, we prioritize customer satisfaction and quality. Our team of certified technicians is trained to provide fast, efficient, and safe tire replacement and repairs. Moreover, we carry a wide range of top-quality tires to suit various budgets and vehicle types. Our commitment to excellence makes us a one-stop solution for all your tyre needs.
Do City Tyres offer any warranties or guarantees on their products?
How quickly can City Tyres perform a tire replacement or repair?
Do you have any environmentally-friendly options for tyre disposal?
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Welcome to Cafe Javas, where exceptional dining comes alive! Our vision is simply to serve the best in everything - food, ambience and customer care! We delight in serving great moments, stuffed with great meals, creating delicious memories for your entire family.

Our diverse menu features an array of dishes meticulously crafted by expert chefs to hit just the right notes on your palate. From power breakfasts to juicy brunches, finger-licking lunches to cosy dinners, we’ve designed delectable fast foods, decadent desserts, authentic intercontinental cuisine and local delicacies, seasoned with CJ’s signature. Our range of beverages, exotic mocktails and freshly ground coffees are brewed to lift any mood. We believe that food tastes better shared, so we dish out your favorite meals like a Mama with a big heart! CJ’s generous portions are sufficient to go round the table and back, making a true love feast for friends & families.

All our restaurants are designed for fine dining - a warm ambience, attentive hosts and tasteful decor. The perfect backdrop for your selfie! With a blend of indoor and outdoor sitting, CJ’s customers get the best of both worlds, savouring intimate conversations peppered with the unique vibe of each location.

With eight branches around Kampala, one in Entebbe and five in Nairobi, there’s a CJ’s for everyone just round the corner. And for those moments when you want top-notch dining without leaving the comfort of home, experience ultimate convenience with CJ’s delivery service. We bring your order hot & fresh right up to your doorstep.

So when you crave a good-food-fix, want to treat a special someone or dine with those you love, step into Cafe Javas today. Or call and we’ll deliver!

For instance, customers can order CJ’s popular dishes such as the Caribbean Jerk Chicken , sumptuous breakfast or the delightful drinks directly from the CJ’s Delivery app and have it delivered to their doorstep.

Our Benefits
  1. Wide variety of dishes
  2. Premium service experience
  3. Comfortable atmosphere
  4. High-Quality ingredients
How fresh is the food prepared at CJ?
We ensure the standard of preparation for our food is at the utmost priority and ensure all our products come in fresh and the food we serve creates an exquisite taste.
Does CJ do home delivery?
How many outlets does CJ have?
Are the restaurants well maintained?
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Mandela Auto Spares

Mandela Auto Spares Ltd is Uganda’s leading automobile spare parts distributor specialising in supplying genuine parts, both new and reconditioned, to individual vehicle owners, large fleets, and garages.

Over the years, we have grown to become a reputed provider of genuine parts for Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Honda, Subaru, Suzuki, Isuzu, KYB, Bosch, Kashiyama, Aisin, and many more.

Thanks to our team of expert technicians, we constantly strive to deliver exceptional customer service, be it timely availability of parts or repairs & replacements. We are always here to help you find everything needed to keep your vehicle in top shape

We utilise the latest technologies (e-pos, e-catalogues, and EPC) to ensure we offer the exact part required while maintaining real-time inventory. Our team of experts provides complete information on products to help you make informed decisions during the time of purchase.

We also specialise in Route Sales Service, where our route sales vans cover most roads in the region while ensuring better customer coverage, superior assistance, and unbeatable prices right at your doorstep.

With a keen focus on uncompromising quality and outstanding service, Mandela has emerged as the name to trust for quality branded spare parts in the region and beyond.

Our Benefits
  1. Genuine OEM parts
  2. Doorstep Assistance
  3. Route Sales Service
  4. Unbeatable Prices
How does Mandela Auto Spares use technology to enhance its services?
Using latest technology like E-Catalogues and EPC, we identify the exact part required and ensure to target the specific pieces that they are looking for.
Does Mandela Auto Spares offer reconditioned spare parts?
Do you do services outside stationed zones?
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Mandela Millers

Since inception in 2018, Mandela Millers Limited has been renowned for its Supreme brand of wheat and maize flour. The Supreme range of flour is fortified with 9 essential Vitamins and Minerals that ensure good health.

Mandela Millers’ state-of-the art factory is located at Busega, along Masaka Road in Kampala City, producing:

  • Maize flour
  • All-purpose baking flour
  • Bakers flour (for bread) and
  • Cake flour

Wheat flour is available in 2Kg (24Kg cartons), 25Kg and 50 Kg bags. Maize flour is available in 2Kg (24Kg cartons), 5Kg, 10Kg, 25Kg and 50 Kg bags. We also offer by-products such as wheat bran, Wheat Pollard, Maize Bran and Maize Pollard in 40 Kg and 50 Kg bags.

Supreme is the only brand in the region that’s free from Aflatoxin, a poisonous fungal matter found in poorly stored grain. Aflatoxin poses serious health risks and is closely linked to dangerous diseases like cancer. This makes SUPREME flour a healthier, tastier, and safer choice.

Why Supreme ?

  • Assurance of the right quantity
  • Better volume
  • Easy to knead
  • Easy to roll
  • Cooks easily and quickly
  • Uses little oil
  • Tastes great
  • Available everywhere
  • Fair price
Our Benefits
  1. Free from Aflatoxin
  2. Available in various sizes
  3. Retail and Wholesale purchase
  4. Fortified with Vitamins and Minerals
Can I purchase Supreme flour outside Mandela outlets?
Yes. You can purchase the Supreme brand everywhere, not just Mandela outlets.
What makes Supreme a better option for flour?
Do you wholesale wheat and flour?
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On The Go

Introducing On The GO Food Truck and Supermarket, your ultimate pit-stop for fast-food on the fly, conveniently located at CityOil branches around Kampala, to fuel both your car and your tummy. Our menu is stacked with delicious grab-and-go options that are served up lightning-fast at friendly prices, just for you who values your time and money. From sizzling hot burgers to crispy fried chicken, savory wraps to zesty pizzas, yummy smoothies, milkshakes and icecream, we've got all your fastfood favorites ready to roll.

Our On The GO Supermarket is stocked with all your essential supplies, so you can get everything you need in one swift stop – whether it's snacks for the road or supplies for home.

We understand that your time is precious and so are your loved ones. That's why On The GO Food Truck and Supermarket serve everything you need fast and in one spot. No need to wait around – just drive by, grab your grub, and hit the road again in no time!

Our Benefits
  1. Quick Service
  2. Unbeatable prices
  3. Parking available
  4. Wide variety in menu
Does On The Go include other brands in their supermarkets?
Yes. Just like any other supermarket, On The Go offers products from all brands readily available.
Which CityOil branches have an On The Go service?
How much time does it take to prepare the food?
Have any queries?
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The FoodHub

FOODHUB is made for you to chill like a boss at hustle-free prices. Right at the heart of Kampala - Jinja road, it is the perfect spot for a quick bite on a hectic day, a breather from course work or a catch-up with your besties. With five fastfood counters spread across a tastefully furnished modern interior, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Wander up to Wandacrust for the pizza of your dreams, every slice bursting with flavourful toppings! Nothing’s sweeter than Mr. Golden Fried Chicken’s kuku - our crispy edges are trending with those who love their drumsticks and wings. Mighty Burgers slaps with juicy patties, fine cheese and leafy layers stacked between oven-fresh buns. And when you want to level up your nyama, rock up to Roosta's for our flame-grilled chicken!

It’s not a wrap until you taste Cream Supreme’s sweet deals! Our quality icecream, milkshakes, juices and desserts are legit stress-busters. Save them for last or simply skip to the end.

Step up to the counter of your choice today and order a feast worthy of a king, without burning a hole in your pocket. See you and your buddies @FOODHUB!

Our Benefits
  1. Multi-cuisine options
  2. Open layout and ample seating
  3. Live Cooking Stations
  4. Quick preparation time
How many fast food chains can you find in The FoodHub?
We have 5 main fast food joints present in our outlets. We have carefully curated the best and most sought out places and included outlets in our CityOil locations to give our customers a delightful dining experience.
Is The FoodHub budget friendly?
Is there parking near the cafeteria?
Have any queries?
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TopMix is a Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) manufactured using modern technology and latest industrial equipment. Carefully designed to provide the most robust structure, TopMix is formulated from high quality cement and carefully selected materials.

With a specialized formula ensuring optimal strength and durability, TopMix guarantees cost-effective, high-quality results. Changing the construction game with its superior consistency, reduced wastage and its affordable costs, TopMix emerges as Uganda’s most reliable concrete mix for construction purposes.

Our Benefits
  1. 120 m3 of concrete produced per hour
  2. Certified RMC
  3. Latest Equipment brought into the industry
  4. Value Added Services and After Sales support provided
What's the curing time for TopMix Concrete compared to traditional mixes?
TopMix guarantees 25% faster drying time, ensuring quicker job completion without compromising strength.
How does TopMix Concrete ensure reduced shrinkage during the drying process?
Can TopMix withstand extreme weather conditions during and post-construction?
Does the sustainable footprint of TopMix Concrete impact its strength or workability?
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